Best VR headset to buy in 2017 for your smart phones

Best VR headset to buy in 2017 for your smart phones

Are you looking forward to buying a VR headset for your Smartphone and you are really confusing that which brand will be more suitable to you then you should read this article, as it will help you in choosing the best VR headset. As everyone knows it well that Smartphone VR headsets may prove a great approach to attempt virtual certainty without spending a fortune. In market there are different brands available and you can choose according to your budget.

Daydream view headset:

The best VR headset is Google’s Daydream View headset that is made from lightweight and soft materials that permit you always to forget that you have a phone hanging from your face. The main function of this headset is inclusion of controller that tracks the location and position of your hand every time and makes entry level VR entertaining and accessible and this is something where Gear VR cannot match. However, the only problem with the Daydream View that it just works with the Pixel XL, Google Pixel and three Moto Z phones at the moment, but more phones should have Daydream support in near future.

Samsung Gear VR headset:

Another best VR headset is Samsung Gear VR. It is important to note that the new Samsung Gear VR does not look much dissimilar from its ancestor but it has a number of upgrades that formulate it completely worth it. One can give preference to Gear VR because the Samsung Gear VR is great particularly if you’re one of the many people with a compatible Samsung Smartphone like the Galaxy S6, S7 edge or S7 and one should also keep it in mind that the visual experience of using Samsung Gear VR will depend on the model of Samsung Smartphone that you are using. You can control it with a touchpad that isbuilt into the right side of the headset.

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