How to choose the right headsets

How to choose the right headsets

Headsets make life a lot easier for the numerous fans of long conversations. Thanks to this hybrid of headphone and microphone people are able to communicate and simultaneously drive the car, answer a call, even when their hands are busy. There is no need to twist your neck trying to hold the phone between your ear and your shoulder any more. There are plenty of these useful gadgets on the market and the variety and characteristics of them are at times bewildering. Let’s find out more about their functions and specifications.

Types of telephone headsets

Professional ergonomic devices for stationary devices are used by the Call-center employees and managers who have to spend long hours talking on the phone. Such headsets coming bundled with the phone and wireless gadgets can be used not only in the office but also at home. The perfect functioning of these wireless models for stationary devices is guaranteed one of two technologies: DECT or Bluetooth. The indisputable advantage of the DECT-headsets is that they are protected from illegal tapping and provide the operating range with a signal up to 30 meters (indoors). To the main disadvantage it is possible to refer compatibility with stationary devices only. Bluetooth-headsets, on the other hand, are able to function with both stationary and mobile phones, but their operating range is about 10 meters (outdoors). That is why, if you have decided to buy cell phone, you have to learn the features of Lumia 1020 or Motorolla and then opt for headsets suitable for these models.

Headsets for mobile phones can be both wireless and wired depending on the method of connection. Although the wired headsets have relatively low price and there’s no need to recharge the battery, they were replaced by the wireless ones on the market. Bluetooth headsets nowadays are the most widespread gadgets.

Headsets for cell phones can be monaural (single channel) and stereo (with a spatial audio playback and two headphones).

By the method of attachment it’s possible to distinguish the following types of gadgets monophonic: the ones with special holding of the speaker near the ear canal, earbuds and vacuum devices. The first option is suitable for many users, easy to use, but it has one drawback – the lack of sound insulation that will prevent to hold a conversation in a noisy environment. With earbuds you will be able to listen to music or speak on the phone enjoying the sound of higher quality, but it is important to choose the right ones because the wrong size may cause a nuisance.

Vacuum headset is inserted right into the ear canal and provides full soundproofing, however, the feeling of a foreign body in your ear might make you feel pretty uncomfortable at times.

Stereo headset as headphones without a microphone, can be portable, miniature or have the classic “studio” look.

Almost all headsets perform the following functions:

  • Waiting / Call Hold – allows you to take a call on the second line, without interrupting the current call.
  • Voice dial – the opportunity to dial the desired number from the phonebook by voice command.
  • Noise reduction – the microphone feature which transmits voice as clearly as possible, automatically filtering out background noise.
  • Mute – the ability to turn off the microphone if necessary.
  • Vibrate – this mode is useful if, for example, the headset is in your pocket.

But it’s necessary to make sure that your cell phone supports all of the above functions as well. So, before you check price for Nokia phone or HTC phone, read through the list of functions these phones have. Choose the right headset and enjoy the save phone conversations.


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