Everything you need to know about LEDGERS GST software

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) regime is affecting about one crore businesses throughout the India since its launch on 1st July 2017. Now businesses have the responsibility of collection, remittance and payment of GST to the government. That is why every business is moving forward to obtain GST registration. In today’s technological era, GST accounting software is making the payment, collection, and remittance of tax simpler. IndiaFilings introduces the LEDGERS GST software, particularly for smaller businesses. The company is touching the heights of success as it receives more than 1.5 million of visitors each month. This network is covering the entire India with more than 180 offices in different cities and towns. This overwhelming success of the company indicated that it would enroll over one crore business under GST shortly. This article will highlight everything about the LEDGERS GST software.

What is LEDGERS GST software?

Everything you need to know about LEDGERS GST software

It is an accounting software designed to help the small businesses with their GST compliance and accounting needs. This simple to use software fulfill all the requirements of the small to medium-sized business. A free version of this software is also available to issue invoices, create estimates and manage the customer services. However, the paid version of this software comes with additional and intuitive features that would let the small businesses to generate an account for payments, record purchase invoices and will also control many other aspects of accounting.

Features of the LEDGERS GST software

The LEDGERS GST Software has some amazing features that allow the small business owners to easily get register for the GST account and file the monthly returns with a single click. It allows its customers to download data of the person who is paying tax from the GST network. Now, the business owners can easily manage all the domains of the GST from a single dashboard. The physical infrastructure is also created by the company to support the new clients with their GST needs. It provides the auto-reconciliation features that allow the business owners to get access to everything with a single click of a button.

Desktop Version of the LEDGERS GST software

Cloud-based was the first version of this software which was launched on 1st July 2017. After the successful launch of cloud-based version, the company introduces the desktop version of this software. This version of the LEDGERS GST software does not need the access to an internet connection as the data is already there on the hardware of the computer. However, a one-time internet connected is required to file the GST return. Before its launch, people wanted to have a software which would work without the internet access. The launch of this version was good news for every business owner who wants their data to be stored on-premises, and they can get access to that data without the internet connection. Since India is a country where internet connectivity is still a challenge, so this offline GST software service has a very large market in the business world.