Five Ways to Enhance Your Smartphone Experience

Five Ways to Enhance Your Smartphone Experience

Most humans can no longer be detached from their smartphones for more than five minutes. Therefore, our phones have become an important part of our daily lives and identity. So, you might want to maximize your smartphone experience. Here are a few ways how:

Noise Canceling Headphones

With quality noise-canceling headphones, listening to music becomes an experience that connects you with the beats, vocals, and vibrations. Investing in a high-end set of headphones turns your iPhone, Windows, or Android into a concert.

Typical brand name headphones cost a couple hundred dollars. However, many department stores sell them. These stores usually also constantly have deals and savings. For example, Kohl’s may have a few pair of Beats headphones for $200. You then check the Kohl’s Groupon discount page to discover a few deals that lower the price anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent off.

Eventually, high end headphones’ prices decrease, so you may be able to find them on clearance at your favorite electronics store.

Music Streaming Plans

Commercial free music also can contribute to the euphoria felt while listening to noise-canceling headphones on your smartphone. Spotify and Apple Music are just a couple sites that offer paid and free/trial music streaming options.

Both sites charge about $10 a month for access to their premium services, which includes unlimited streaming commercial free.

Additional Camera Lens

Long gone are the days where people were shamed for trying to get professional level pictures with a smartphone. Smartphones’ camera technology continues to advance, and their front-facing cameras continue to get more professional looking.

Due to smartphone camera advancements, major companies, such as Sony and Kodak sell special smartphone camera lenses.

This is a especially cool addition for amateur photographers who want to improve their photography skills without investing in a premium camera.

Portable Charger

Not having to worry about your phone dying really changes how worried you become every time your battery turns from green to yellow. This means you can enjoy using your smartphone even more without fear.

Full Repair

Maybe your phone hasn’t worked for a while, or maybe it just has a few glitches. Taking your phone to a professional, such as Electronic Data Intelligence, can restore your phone to nearly perfect condition. Like any good makeover, a newly repaired phone can feel brand new, and you get to enjoy falling in love with it all over again.

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