What does High Speed Internet Really Mean?

What does High Speed Internet Really Mean?

Its almost impossible to watch 15 minutes of TV without being bombarded by high -speed internet commercials. In reality, high -speed internet is an extremely misleading term. People will sign up for one service that claims to be “high speed internet”, only to find that the streaming from Netflix is more like a slide show.
Why is there a big difference in the term High Speed Internet?
High -speed internet is a term that was first used when the majority of internet users connected via a dial- up modem over a phone connection. When people were using a dial- up connection, and if they were lucky enough to have a 1mbps connection, they were considered to have a high -speed connection. Compared to what everyone else had, it was high- speed. However, the term high- speed has been used to describe anything that is not dial-up, which is what less than 3% of the people have.
What is considered high- speed internet?
This really depends on what you are doing. Most companies will tell you they have high speed internet if it is only 7mps. If you are sending emails, that is more than fast enough, but if you play video games or watch movies, it won’t be. The companies that sell high-speed internet are still advertising that which is based -off the old standards and are comparing it to dial-up. For what most people are using their internet for, it is not high- speed, speed unless it is 12mbps or faster. So if you are truly looking for something that is “High Speed” you probably want to ignore anything under 12mbps.
There are a variety of different internet connections available. Sharod Ivie from Broadband Internet Providers gives us a brief generic introduction to the types of High Speed Internet.
DSL- DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This internet connection uses traditional copper telephone lines that have already been installed in homes. The speed of your connection will often depend on how many people are using the internet in your area and how far you are away from the telephone company. Centurylink offers these types of internet connections.
Cable- A cable connection uses coaxial cables, cables that bring television into most homes. Cable modems are generally faster than the DSLs, but they can become bogged down when there is a high -traffic load. Comcast uses these types of connections.
Fiber Optics- These are by far the fastest connections available. Fiber optic technology converts electrical signals to light and sends the light from one connection to another. Distance can play a part in  speeds, but they are still significantly faster than anything else. These connections aren’t common and if you live in a part of the country that has them, you are lucky. Google Fiber offers this type of connection.
Wireless- Wireless connections are similar to your cell phone. They usually aren’t as fast as the other types of connections but they are versatile. They are popular in places like coffee shops, and bookstores. Verizon and Digis are companies that provide these types of connections.
Satellite- Yes there are satellite connections also. They work the same way Dish Network or DirecTV do. Speeds vary a great deal with these types of connections. Bad weather can interfere with these types of connections. Their speeds are generally slower than DSL and Cable, but they are much faster than dial-up, which makes them a great option in rural areas. Some companies such as Exede can provide speeds in the range of 20 to 50Mbps, but are only allowed to advertise 5Mbps.
BPL- Broadband over Powerline technology is quite new and therefore is not available everywhere. This type of connection is transferred over powerlines and have speeds comparable to DSL and Cable. For people who are stuck with only one option, when it comes to internet, this technology should become available in your area soon. Power lines are everywhere  and so is the potential for this type of internet connection.

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This type of connection is transferred over powerlines and have speeds comparable to DSL and Cable.

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