Internet Marketing Toronto – Trends to watch out for in 2016

Internet Marketing Toronto – Trends to watch out for in 2016

Internet marketing is a fluid industry which undergoes changes almost all the times. As an expert in the field, or a business owner who relies on the internet to move his business forward in Toronto, it is prudent to understand the current state of internet marketing and make necessary adjustment so that you are not caught flat footed should there be any significant changes. For those keen on internet marketing in Toronto, here are a few trends that should not be ignored in 2016-:

More responsive website

In 2015, the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices outnumbered those browsing the internet with desktop devices. To cater for and take advantage of this immense growth of mobile traffic, webmasters and business owners resorted to the development of responsive websites that would be easily rendered on the mobile devices. This trend can only be expected to gain more steam as it is more flexible and convenient to access the internet via mobile devices.

Increase in the use of video ads

The use of video ads is not something new among internet marketing Toronto experts, but it is expected that the use of video ads will increase in 2016. Video ads have proven to be interactive hence converts much better than text or image ads. In addition to this, Google now has video content in its search algorithm and this is something that any internet marketing Toronto expert would be interested in because it will help in rankings of the websites.

Content marketing will remain the core of SEO

Many people think that search engine optimization is dead, yet it is so much alive and keeps on growing as the years pass by. With the major search engines updating their algorithms and becoming smarter in deciphering valuable content from the garbage, 2016 is expected to see more business resorting to quality content not just for the search engines but also for the readers. For instance, towards the end of 2015, Google updated its algorithm and now will award websites with content written by authority figures in the industry and not just any content someone thinks like throwing up in their websites.

Increased use of mobile apps

With the interactive nature and the convenience brought about by mobile apps, business ownersare adopting the use of mobile apps as a way of offering more value to their customers. Internet marketing Toronto will, therefore, see a surge in the development of such business apps since no business owner wants to be left behind in providing more convenience to their customers.

Advertising investments will go up

The other thing to be keen about if you are interested in internet marketing Toronto is the imminent increase in the advertisement investment for businesses. Business owners have realized the benefits of carefully executed online marketing strategies and are willing to increase their investments to get more returns.

This will be good news to many digital marketing agencies in Toronto, given that more businesses will be knocking on their doors. However, with the increase in advertisement investment, there will also be an increase in demand by the clients for better performance. This is the only way for them to get the real worth of their advertising budget.

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