Reviews of top 5 3d printers

Reviews of top 5 3d printers

3D printers are widely used now in different engineering companies especially in the field of architecture to create the 3D models of the products. The printers range from 2 thousand to ten thousand Australian dollars. By the use of these amazing printers, the person can get neat and clear final product. The top five printers are as following.

The creatbot is an excellent model for architecture and engineering companies. It requires a skilful person to operate.  It can print single colour as well as two or colours are applied by the use of different filaments for printing purpose.


The upbox plus is the fourth number printer. It is an appealing and stylish printer. The best feature is safety and it controls warming while printing. It has a wifi connection, that is connected to any device to get prints. It is user-friendly and thick in size print the person can through this machine.

Ultimaker 3 extended

The third number printer is fantastic and incredible printer ultimate 3 extended printer has dual extrusion system. It has automatic nozzle lifting mechanism. One nozzle emits the material and the other one does its printing job. It gives the high quality printed product.


Witbox is also a good product. It is a tremendous printer. The person can run it manually. It produces great quality prints.  It can print that substance that does not have any supportive structure. It can use different types of filaments including glass and bronze type filaments.  The size is appropriate and also safe in the presence of the kid.

3D gence one

3d gence one is number one 3d printer. Its best feature is that it can define the minute detail of the print. The expert, as well as the beginner, can use it to produce the high quality and reliable print. It gives the replacement of the heads without unscrewing it the red button present n it to help the removal of the head.

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