Teslacigs Biturbo Mech reviews

The latest duel vaporiser from Teslacigs is relatively simple looking piece of equipment. The Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit uses a duel RDA for maximum smoke productions. The RDA’s hold 4.0 Volts, and 4.1 Volt coils respectively which is a seriously high output. Out of the box is a simple but stylish looking stainless steel hard case.


As you’d expect with duel RDA’s the Biturbo Mech Kit is a seriously high performer. When you fire this up you get an output of 8 volts overall, divided by the two RDA’s. That’s a whole lot of smoke. I mean, you can fill a room with this thing. It hits hard in the back of your throat plus the cloud is extremely dense. You can fit a regular RDA to the kit as well, and switch the channels to only use one. Even running just one RDA gives a dense, flavorsome puff.


Teslacigs keep things simple with no touch screens or other gimmicks. Operaton is controlled by the standard 5 press fire button. You have two separate channels with five options. That’s either RDA individually, plus both at the same time for maximum output. The top caps are fully adjustable to change the amount of smoke, plus there are side vents to help filter out clouds. There’s a flash warning for low voltage so you’ll now when it’s time to change the batteries.

Build and Operation

When you shake this unit, you won’t hear any rattle, or moving parts. To me, that indicates a high build quality that will last along time. With so few features the Tesla Biturbo Mech is super simple to operate. Less features also means less things that can malfunction, so I can see this model lasting a long time. It’s also available in three sleek looking colors: Black, Silver or Blue.

Final Verdict

A simple yet functional device from Teslacigs that packs a serious punch. In my opinion, the Biturbo Mech offers the densest, highest volume cloud available on the market right now. It’s suitably versatile with lots of opportunity to adjust or fit your own RDA’s of choice. As with all Teslacig products the build and material quality is excellent.