UX/UI Trends Consumers Would Love to See Get Wings

UX/UI Trends Consumers Would Love to See Get Wings

From the perspective of the mobile user, every app begins and ends with the user experience. Consumers care nothing for the nuts and bolts of an app as long as it does what it is supposed to do, every time it’s used. From the perspective of the app developer, this means a lot of attention should be given to UX/UI development.

Let’s say an app developer in Austin went up against another developer in Los Angeles creating similar apps for competing customers. The developer who created the better UX/UI (user experience/user interface) is the one likely to enjoy greater success. In the end, mobile app development is all about giving end-users what they want.

In light of this understanding, there are a number of UX/UI trends that were predicted to take off in 2016. It is still too early to tell how many of those predictions will still ring true by the end of the year, but it’s reasonable to say some of those trends are things consumers would love to see get wings.

Better Voice Recognition

The major OS developers have pretty much mastered text-to-speech and personal assistant apps. They are all well and good, but they offer limited functionality in the mobile world. What consumers really want is a mobile device with voice recognition capabilities similar to that which humans possess. Unfortunately, the results thus far have been rather disappointing.

The first company that comes up with a reliable voice recognition app universally usable across multiple platforms and devices is a company that will quickly jump to the top of the power rankings. Customers want it, and they would prefer to have it this year.

More Intuitive Layouts

The current paradigm for mobile apps is terribly predictable. Nearly every user lands on the same starting page and must then navigate through menus to accomplish specific tasks. Experts say it is time for new layouts that are more intuitive. One example is the split screen layout based on a particular demographic such as age or sex. Another option is the carousel layout that lets users spin their way around a limited number of graphically represented options to get where and they want to go.

More Graphics, Less Text

Let’s face it; text is often difficult to use on a small screen. However, there is a great solution that every app developer should pay attention to – universal graphics. Not sure what universal graphics are? Consider an image consisting of a smoking cigarette circled in red with a slash through it. What does that image tell you? It tells you that smoking is not allowed – and it’s virtually universal. Everyone recognizes it.

If app developers are smart, they will start working on a collection of common graphics that will be universally recognized by everyone and anyone. Universal graphics would eliminate the need for quite a bit of text, thus leading to a more pleasant mobile experience.

User Interface Harmony

Microsoft’s Windows 10 turned out to be a failure for user interface harmony in its first iteration. But that hasn’t stopped the company from working on it. Likewise, Ubuntu’s Unity desktop was created specifically to usher in UI Harmony within the Linux environment. Canonical (the creator of Ubuntu) now has a mobile product ready for release.

Mobility is the future of the Internet – of that, there is little disagreement. Therefore, the app developer that wants to stay ahead of the game needs to figure out what consumers want and then provide it. Those that give wings to the right trends are the developers that will drive the future of mobility.

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