Why mobile website is necessary today

Why mobile website is necessary today

Did you ever check the web traffic stats deeply? Do you have any idea from where you are getting traffic on your website? Let me guide you how you can check that. Click on Audience, Mobile and Impression to access a halt of your completewebsite analytics. It will show three sub-tabs that are accessible from the links under the Explorer tab: Summary, Site Usage and eCommerce. That data will answer following below your questions.

Why mobile website is necessary today

  • How many visitors visit through mobile devices?
  • Percentage of mobile users out of complete user devices?
  • Activity stat of visitors who is coming from mobile device is alters from desktop devices visitors.

If 50% or more of your traffic is coming from mobile devices and not spending as much time as desktop user as definitely it is a point to worry about.

Google rolling out the mobile friendly update on 21 april 2015. Google made big changes in their algorithm as well and provide more authority and visibility to those websites which is mobile responsive.

From the last few months, many companies have started taking aearlier look at their website traffic flow and stimulating their online appearance to make them mobile friendly. You can check theTraffic stats of top mobile websites who’s getting more than 50% traffic through mobile users.

Recent stats and updates prove that one must have a mobile responsive website if he wants to get stable in online business.

Let me guide you with few tips and tricks which will increase your website speed and help you to make your website mobile responsive.

  1. Your web design should have simple HTML codes using HTML5 guidelines and document types.
  2. Evade absolute positioning, JavaScript or Flashy features.
  3. Keep your HTML/CSS clean and functional.
  4. Go with optimized images for each layout to reduce scaling and bandwidth issues.
  5. Rank your content, making sure it is easily reachable.
  6. Make sure images, text and charts displayed in column format are stackable and can adjust to smaller viewport widths.
  7. Check out Google’s Mobile friendly Test Tool. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Following above are the few small things which you need to look after when you going to make a mobile responsive website. There are thousands of mobile sets, tablets and other devices which user’s uses in daily routine. Your website must be load quickly for all the devices.

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